Participant Requirements for the Event


  • The Driver must be in suitable physical and mental conditions for non-competitive sports and must have the ability to drive with adequate experience to participate in the Event in safe conditions, without risk for himself and for third parties.

  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle driven.

  • Driver must be aware that the race Event is not competitive, but an amateur re-enactment; it is therefore the responsibility of all the participants to take their driving and line of conduct to the utmost prudence, diligence, loyalty and fair play in order to avoid causing damage to themselves and to third parties.

  • Drivers that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed to participate.

  • It is strictly FORBIDDEN to drive cars/bikes on the beach outside of the designated areas of the Event.


  • NEW THIS YEAR– cars/trucks must be pre ’60, American only.

  • Cars/trucks must have full American mechanics (engine and drivetrain) pre ’80.

  • Motorcycle riders must wear a helmet.

  • Motorcycles must be pre’65. Both engine and frame must be pre’65.

  • All principal mechanical and aesthetical aspects must comply with a vintage, old school style.

  • The vehicle with which the driver will participate in the Event must be in a good state of maintenance, capable to deal with the course (beach sand)in safety and without risk for himself and for third parties.

  • Large fluid leaks (oil/gas) are not admitted. Only small leakages are allowed.

  • Tires must be street legal for the vehicle, specific mud or sand tread is not allowed, tires with paddles are strictly forbidden. 

  • The number of passengers during the race must comply with vehicle specification. NO passengers are allowed in the pickup bed.


For vehicles not racing but only parking on the beach, cars/trucks must be pre’65, motorcycles pre’70. Drivers must follow the line of conduct described above.








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